Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 2009 IRS Posting on Offshore Account Voluntary Disclosure (7/29/09)

The IRS has posted a new page on the voluntary initiative. The main voluntary disclosure web page is here. The new web page is here and is titled Contact IRS About Voluntary Disclosure.

The new page provides IRS contact information for those wishing to enter the program. It also offers a template letter to use in advising the IRS of their entry into the program. (The template letter is rather inconspicuous, but look closely at the letter beginning "Tax Professionals or individuals;" it is in Word format for easy completion)

Also, for those persons already in the program but who have not yet had their interviews, I am advised by CI agents working two of my client matters that the letter can be completed in lieu of the interview, although there might be later need for further information and/or interview.

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