Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IRS Guys in the Trenches on the UBS Mess

My experience -- dated experience, I might add -- with DOJ Tax was that, as attorneys litigating in the federal district court, we relied heavily upon IRS agents and IRS attorneys assigned to assist us do our job. These agents and attorneys did critical work to make us better at what we were supposed to do, but rarely surfaced outside the confines of the case. Most tax cases gather no press because, well, the topics are boring to the average reader of news publications.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article here on an IRS agent and an IRS attorney who are in the thick of things in the UBS mess. Nothing earthshaking here in terms of adding to the criminal tax defense lawyer's bag of tricks or knowledge, but the article does provide an interesting sidelight on the personalities involved in this whole mess.

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