Saturday, July 21, 2018

Temporary Suspension of Listing of Popular Blog Entries Over Last 7 Days (7/21/18)

I have taken down the last 7 days popular posts listing to the right of the blog.  It will be down just over 7 days. 

The reason I have temporarily suspending that listing is that an old blog entry somehow got to the top of that list some time ago and since then stays on the list, usually at the top, because people coming to the blog click on it.  I presume that they think there is something new and currently useful there because it is at the top of the 7 days popular posts listing.  But in fact, it is at the top simply because people see it at the top and click on it.  So, I am taking down that listing for over 7 days and, hopefully, since it is a 7 day listing, when I put the list back up, that particular blog entry from long ago will never appear again as a currently popular blog entry and the listing will be more accurate as to what is currently trending.

If that doesn't work to get that old blog entry off the list, I will consider just deleting it.  But, for now, I hope the temporary suspension of the list will work.

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