Tuesday, July 31, 2018

DOJ Tax Announces Supplemental Agreement with Category 2 Bank, Bank Lombard & Odier & Co. (7/31/18)

DOJ Tax announced here a supplemental nonprosecution agreement ("NPA") with Bank Lombard Odier & Co., Ltd., of Zurich Switzerland.  The bank previously obtained an NPA with an agreement to pay $99.809 million.  See Two More Banks Obtain NPAs under DOJ Swiss Bank Program (Federal Tax Crimes 12/31/15), here.  The supplemental agreement requires the bank to pay an additional $5.3 million.

The key excerpt explaining the supplemental agreement is:
Every bank that signed a non-prosecution agreement in the Swiss Bank Program had represented that it had disclosed all of its U.S.-related accounts that were open at each bank between August 1, 2008, and December 31, 2014.  Each bank also represented that it would, during the term of the non-prosecution agreement, continue to disclose all material information relating to its U.S.-related accounts.  In reaching today’s agreement, Lombard Odier acknowledges that there were certain additional U.S.-related accounts that it knew about, or should have known about, but that were not disclosed to the Department at the time of the signing of the non-prosecution agreement.  Lombard Odier provided early self-disclosure of their unreported U.S.-related accounts and has fully cooperated with the Department. 

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