Friday, January 22, 2016

Notice to Readers: Irrelevant and Political or Anti-IRS Comments Will Not Be Approved (1/22/16; 1/28/16)

I have in the past routinely approved most irrelevant and political and anti-IRS comments to blog entries.  Today, I received another and my tolerance for such comments has worn thin.  I post below the comment that has provoked my reaction. 

I remind readers that this is a federal tax crimes blog.  It is not a political blog or tax policy blog or any other kind of blog except federal tax crimes.  Hence, I will no longer approve comments that are not relevant to the blog entry and that present more political argument or anti-IRS argument than analysis of the law relevant to federal tax crimes issues.

For those of you who want to make political comments or anti-IRS, I recommend that you find another blog which welcomes those comments.  For example, you might try the Tax Prof Blog, here, where Professor Paul Caron posts each day one entry labeled The IRS Scandal, Day xxx (the entry today is The IRS Scandal, Day 988).  Each day you will find a posting and, so long as you want to make political or anti IRS comments, he seems more than willing to post such comments on his blog.

Thus, for readers who may be inclined to want to make these comments, please note that henceforth they will not be approved for publication on the Federal Tax Crimes Blog.

Here is the comment provoking this response.
Breaking News: The IRS rabbit hole of corruption goes even deeper. 
There are several very annoying things about the IRS in this article but this quote I find very revealing: 
Despite a court order to preserve documents, the IRS wiped the hard drive of an important IRS official, Mr. Samuel Maruca. Controversially, Mr. Maruca helped the IRS hire Quinn Emanuel, an outside law firm tasked with pursuing Microsoft. Hiring outsiders at over $1,000 an hour (!) angered Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, who wrote a letter to the IRS complaining about strange deal and the $2.2 million fee. 
So once again we have an internal IRS cover up of their own wilful criminality.  Any honest person working at the IRS must realize that this it has turned into a political crime racket, and that's probably why so many rats are jumping ship.   
Compare this to how the IRS hounds  law abiding Swiss wealth advisers who were merely following Swiss law and the QI agreements in the course of doing their jobs.  Even worse for these honest Swiss citizens, the IRS is going to pay $1000/hr lawyers from crony political law firms to extract the IRS's pound of flesh.... for following the laws of the country they are citizens of and live in. 
For US tax payers this is even worse news on the heals of the latest bill that allows the IRS to outsource its tax collection.  We know these firms will be crony political K-street tax collectors providing campaign kickbacks to the Democratic party.  And we know that these extra costs will be paid for by the US tax donkeys through higher fees and penalties.   
But even worse, we know that this 2-way street of corruption will be used by the Clinton machine to guarantee that anyone running against Hillary will be fighting the IRS too.  That is certainly is one formidable wall of corruption.
Addendum 1/28/16 6:15pm:

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