Friday, September 8, 2017

KPMG Report Indicates 60 or 70 Swiss Private Banks are in Serious Difficulty (9/8/17)

Reuters Staff, Up to 70 Swiss private banks fighting for survival: KPMG (Reuters 9/7/17), here.  Key exerpt:
Some 60 to 70 Swiss private banks are facing serious problems that could force them to close down or sell up, according to a study published on Thursday by consultancy KPMG.
Fighting diminishing profits caused by fierce competition and a global clampdown on tax evasion, these banks must work to cut costs and buy up competitors to reach adequate size. 
But many of the affected banks will ultimately have to exit the market, the study concluded. 
“I‘m convinced that at least half will disappear,” KPMG manager Christian Hintermann said, adding many of these banks were now making losses. “It’s ultimately a question of how long their owners want to carry these losses.”
* * * * 
The number of Swiss private banks has already fallen by over a third from 180 in 2005, according to the data. 

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