Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Format for Reporting DOJ Tax Announcements of Swiss Banks Joining the DOJ Swiss Bank Program (11/21/15)

Starting with the announcement of three banks joining the DOJ Swiss Bank Program that I will post shortly after this posting, I will provide more summary reviews of the announcements.  In the past, I had cut and pasted the portions of the press releases explaining the types of actions the banks committed that impelled them to join the program to receive assurance of nonprosecution through NonProseuction Agreements.  Basically, these types of actions are common among these banks, with some immaterial variations in how they were implemented.  Accordingly, I will only provide summary information of the banks and penalties, will provide a link to the DOJ Tax Press Release, and will continue to present the aggregate public data for the program.  If, in reviewing the press releases, I find something I think is particularly interesting, I will cut and paste it only that portion and perhaps comment on it.  But, since, within reasonable tolerances, the game and the actions is the same, I do not expect to do that too often.

A reminder that the press releases have links to the Deferred Prosecution Agreement and Supporting State of Facts.  The press releases, NonProsecution Agreements and Statements of Fact are also available on the DOJ Tax's Web Site titled:  Swiss Bank Program, here.  On that site, the banks are listed in order of the date of the NPA.  Accordingly, for easier reference, I will post periodically a list of the banks in alphabetical order.

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