Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another UBS Depositor Pleads (1/31/13)

DOJ Tax has announced the guilty plea of "Christopher B. Berg * * * to an information charging him with willful failure to file the required report of foreign bank account (FBAR) for an account he controlled at UBS in Switzerland in the year 2005."  The announcement is here.

Key elements:

Plea: FBAR (1 count)
Maximum Possible Sentence:  5 years.
Conviction (Plea) Date: 1/30/13
Bank: UBS
Entities: ?
Omitted Income:  $642,070
Tax Loss (called Tax Harm):  $270,757
High Balance: ?
FBAR Penalty: ?
Sentencing Date: 7/8/13
Court: California Northern District
Judge: ?
Other factors:  Used account funds to pay Eurocard while traveling in Europe

I will update the spreadsheet and post it later.  I will also update this blog entry as new information comes in.

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  1. Please update spreadsheet - interested to see new stats!


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