Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yet Another Plea Deal on UBS Offshore Accounts (8/3/11)

Taxpayer: Robert E. Greeley (prior blog here).

Bank : UBS AG
Swiss Enabler: Renzo Gadola (see blogs here)
Entities: Yes
Guilt: By Plea Agreement - tax perjury (Section 7206(1)) - 1 count for 2008.
Maximum Incarceration Period:  3 years.
Admits: Failure to File FBARs but not charged or pled
Unreported Income: $734,000 (Interest) (all relevant conduct years between 2002 and 2008)
Tax Loss: ?
FBAR Penalty: $6,800,000 + (FBAR penalty; unclear whether 50% of highest balance for one year).
Court: ND CA (San Francisco)
Judge: Charles R. Breyer

David Voreacos, Ex-UBS Client Greeley Admits to Concealing $13 Million in U.S. Tax Dodge (Bloomberg 8/3/11).

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