Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Sentence To Consider When Thinking of Sentencing Disparities

DOJ Tax CES touts this sentence on its web site here. The read on the site is short, so I encourage readers to look at it. Here's the guts of it though:

1. Plea to mortgage fraud (5 year count) with "total bank fraud loss, which included relevant conduct stemming from additional frauds that Shaffer perpetrated upon other banks, was $2,688,571.93."

2. Plea to tax evasion count (5 year count) with total tax loss (including relevant conduct for nonplea years, $536,228.77.

3. Plea to failure to collect, account for and pay over employment taxes (5 year count) with total tax loss, including relevant conduct, $272,209.14.
Sentence 51 months.

Compare this sentence with Mr. Thorson's. See here and here.


  1. 51 months, not years

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for calling this to my attention. I corrected it.



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