Thursday, February 11, 2010

DOJ Tax Budget Request - The Criminal Parts #2

More on the DOJ Tax Budget Request


B. Full Program Costs

The Tax Division consists of a single Decision Unit (General Tax Matters) supporting the Department’s Strategic Goal 2 – Prevent Crime, Enforce Federal Laws, and Represent the Rights and interests of the American People.

This Strategic Goal defines the two broad programs areas:
Ÿ Civil Tax Litigation and Appeals - $80,126,000
Ÿ Criminal Tax Prosecution and Appeals - $35,846,000

The FY 2011 budget request assumes 69% of the Division’s budget and expenditures can be attributed to its Civil Tax Litigation and Appeals and 31% percent to Criminal Tax Prosecution and Appeals.

This budget request incorporates all costs, including mission costs related to cases and matters, mission costs related to oversight and policy, and overhead.

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