Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get in Line Brother #19 - OECD Report on Information Sharing

The influential OECD has issued a report, called a Background Information Brief, titled Overview of the OECD's work on Countering International Tax Evasion, dated 8/14/09. The report can be viewed here. The report chronicles the OECD's continuing efforts to convince member and non-member countries that transparency through sharing tax-related information is in their interests. The data in the report probably is not useful or particularly enlightening for most U.S. taxpayers, even those keenly interested in hiding their assets and income from the IRS. The report, however, should be read by students interested in this area and by advisors to those U.S. taxpayers because the trend is decidedly against those jurisdictions that offer safe and tax-secret repositories of financial resources.

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