Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Defiers - Is Texas Governor Perry One?

Jonathan Turley this morning posted here a very interesting piece on Texas Governor Perry's rantings about Texas' right to secede from the union. Governor Perry of course hopes to fan the flames of discontent of the rabid conservative base to propel him into a potent national force in the Republican Party. Of course, you might guess that a major discontent among this group is the belief that they are being abused by taxes, which, as Justice Holmes said, are the cost of the a civilized society (apparently, their belief is that the United States' society is not civilized so they do not or should not have to pay the cost). Governor Perry is just pandering to a tax defier base (hopefully just a fringe subset -- albeit vocal subset -- of his party). Isn't this just another form of tax defiance which has given the IRS and DOJ so much angst and drawn civil and criminal cases? Certainly, these genre of ranting is just as societally objectionable as the mainstream, non-governor tax defiance claims. Should the IRS / DOJ bring out its anti-tax defier weapons here or should they just let the Governor rant into irrelevance?

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  1. I say the IRS/DOJ should bring out its anti-tax defier weapons as some people may actually take the Governor's rant seriously, thus spreading nonfactual information to the public.


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