Saturday, October 7, 2017

Government FBAR Suit Amended Complaint Survives Motion to Dismiss (10/7/17)

In United States v. Pomerantz, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 165488 (W.D. Wash. 10/5/17), here, the court denied Pomerantz's motion to dismiss in this FBAR willful penalty civil action.  I previously reported on the court's granting in part of a prior motion to dismiss.  See Court Dismisses Government Complaint for FBAR Willful Penalty with Leave to Amend for Failure to Allege Facts Supporting Willfulness (Federal Tax Crimes Blog 6/12/17; 6/26/17), here.  The Government amended the complaint and in this latest order, it survives the motion to dismiss.

Readers can review the order for the details, but basically the Government made relatively minor amendments which were sufficient to satisfy the pleading requirements.

The Court also denied Pomerantz's motion to strike the Amended Complaint references to the prior Tax Court case.  The Court quotes the references as follows:
In case number 25058-15 before the United States Tax Court, Pomerantz stipulated to entry of a decision including a tax deficiency and civil fraud penalty under 26 USC § 6663 with respect to his [2007-2009] United States income tax liability. 
Both the deficiency and the fraud penalty for the [2007-2009] tax year[s] to which Pomerantz stipulated in the United States Tax Court case were based at least in part on income generated by and/or income deposited into the foreign accounts identified in paragraph 21, above, that were not disclosed on Pomerantz' [2007-2009] income tax return[s].

JAT Comment:  I have no substantive comment since the holding is straightforward and routine.  The merits will be fought out later.  The indication is that Pomerantz is proceeding pro se.

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