Friday, December 23, 2016

Clarification: Vontobel Was Not in Swiss Bank Program (12/23/16; 12/29/16)

As rewritten 12/29/16.

On the original blog, I had reported that Vontobel had completed its processing under the DOJ Swiss Bank Program as a Category 3 bank.  I misread the information I had.  Others may have as well.  At any rate, Vontobel has issued a subsequent press, here, release clarifying that its prior release was not intended to indicate that it had proceeded as a Category 3 Swiss Bank.  The clarifying press release is as follows:
It has come to our attention that the Bank's press release of December 22 (Link to media release) may be unclear and may be read as implying that the Bank resolved its case pursuant to the Program for Swiss banks or otherwise received a disposition from the Department of Justice. That is not the case. The first sentence of that release was merely intended to make clear that, in 2013, the Bank and its lawyers determined that the Bank had not committed any offenses under US tax law and proactively engaged in discussions with the Department of Justice prior to the announcement of the U.S. Program. The Bank did not seek a nonprosecution agreement or apply for a non-target letter, and has received neither.

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