Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Update on Zwerner Case - Subsequent Filings (4/16/14)

I previously posted a blog on the US Motion for Summary Judgment in Zwerner.  See U.S. Motion for Summary Judgment in Zwerner (Federal Tax Crimes Blog 3/5/14), here.  I post now the subsequent documents, including Zwerner's response on the motion and the US reply to Zwerner's response.  I also post (i) Pretrial Stipulation with related proposed jury instructions and jury verdict forms and (ii) Motions in Limine that are pending.  I have bookmarked these documents in Adobe format.  I think readers will have to download the file to take advantage of the bookmarks.

  • 20140307 Zwerner - D Response on US MSJ (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140317 Zwerner - US Reply on US MSJ (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140407 Zwerner - Pretrial Stipulation (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140407 Zwerner - Proposed Jury Instructions (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140407 Zwerner - US Proposed Jury Verdict Form (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140407 Zwerner - D Proposed Jury Verdict Form (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140407 Zwerner - US Motion in Limine (TJ001).pdf, here.
  • 20140407 Zwerner - D Motion in Limine (TJ001).pdf, here.

I may post more on these documents when and if I have time.

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