Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NY State Agency Makes New Moves in Investigation of Credit Suisse (4/17/14)

The drumbeat against Credit Suisse continues with the New York State Department of Financial Services investigation into tax shelters in which Credit Suisse or its affiliates participated.  See Karen Rebelo and Katharina Bart, NY regulator subpoenas Credit Suisse in U.S. tax probe - source (Reuters 4/15/14), here, and Greg Farrell and David Voreacos, Lawsky Said to Subpoena Credit Suisse in Tax-Evasion Case (Bloomberg 4/15/04), here.

It is said that the subpoenas specifically seek "employment records of Roger Schaerer who was previously indicted as an enabler in the DOJ's offshore bank account drama.  See Criminal Charges for More Swiss Bank Enablers (Federal Tax Crimes7/21/11), here.

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