Monday, February 24, 2014

Wow! Ty Warner is Not Quite the Innocent Abroad (2/24/14)

Janet Novack is a great tax reporter.  She has this blog entry -- Beanie Babies Billionaire Ty Warner Secretly Fought Giving Bank Records To Grand Jury (2/24/14), here.

Without further thought, I can not add anything meaningful right now to Ms. Novack's excellent blog entry.  But the caption of this blog suggests my conclusion that Ty Warner may have smoked a fast one past the criminal tax justice system.

A Mel Brooks film once had the line:  "It's good to be king."  In Ty Warner's case, it's good to be rich.

More later.

I do think the Ty Warner sentencing will test the limits of Booker discretion in the sentencing courts.

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