Monday, February 24, 2014

IRS CI Report for Fiscal Year 2013 (2/24/14)

IRS CI Annual Business Report Report for FY 2013, here.

The key subjects from the table of contents are as follows:
 Legal Source Tax Crimes
      General Tax Fraud
      Refund Fraud
           Identity Theft
           Return Preparer Program
           Questionable Refund Program
      Abusive Tax Schemes
      Non-filer Investigations
      Employment Tax
 Illegal Source Financial Crimes
      Financial Institution Fraud
      Public Corruption
      Corporate Fraud
      Insurance and Healthcare Fraud
      Bankruptcy Fraud
 International Operations
 Money Laundering & Bank Secrecy Act
 Narcotics and Counterterrorism
 Warrants and Forfeiture
The key items I spotted are:

  • There are no statistics for general tax fraud.
  • There are statistics on p. 26 for international operations investigation, prosecution and sentencing statistics (the anecdotal discussion leading to these statistics starts on p. 24.)  The anecdotal convictions and sentencings are for Peter Troost, Sameer Gupta, Leopoldo Valencia-Urrea, Aristotle R. Matsa.  I have written on this blog about all of these except Mr. Valencia-Urrea.
  • The statistics for BSA investigations, prosecutions, p. 29

The statistics for international operations may be correct, based on the criteria for the statistics.  I don't know what that criteria is, however.  I know that the data I maintain for the offshore bank convictions and sentencings is not consistent with the indicated 51 months average sentence indicated in these statistics.  Maybe I will try to dig in, but just don't have the time now.

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