Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Excellent Article on Global Wealth Management for the Super-Rich (10/27/15)

I recommend to readers the following article:  Brooke Harrington, Inside the Secretive World of Tax Avoidance Experts, The Atlantic (10/26/15), here.  The authors goes into this secretive world and finds some of the professionals willing to offer insights into the world in which they play.
As for wealth management’s wider impact, what I found over the course of this study—the results of which will be published next year in a book for Harvard University Press—was not only insight into the making of the vast wealth inequality growing around the world. There was also something bigger, and even more disturbing: a domain of libertarian fantasy made real, in which professional intervention made it possible for the world’s wealthiest people to be free not only of tax obligations but of any laws they found inconvenient.

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