Saturday, June 20, 2015

Financial Institution Statistics (6/20/15)

Financial Institution Summary

Treaty Requests

John Doe Summonses

Criminal Matters

   Criminal (incl Investigations and Prosecutions)

   Guilty Plea


   Deferred Prosecution Agreement ("DPA")

   NonProsecution Agreement ("NPA")

IRS Financial Institution List (OVDP Offshore Penalty Bump to 50%) *

Total Costs (Fines, Restitution, Other Penalties, etc.)

US DOJ Swiss Bank Program
Number Resolved
Total Costs
   U.S. / Swiss Bank Initiative Category 1 (Criminal Inv.) *
   U.S. / Swiss Bank Initiative Category 2 **
   U.S. / Swiss Bank Initiative Category 3

   U.S. / Swiss Bank Initiative Category 4

Swiss Bank Program Results


* Includes subsidiary or related entities counted as separate entities, so the numbers may exceed the numbers the IRS and DOJ posted numbers which combine some of the entities.

** DOJ says original total was 106 but that it expects about 80 to complete the process.

These are my statistics as of today.  They are not complete in certain respects.  For example, the number of Swiss banks joining the US DOJ Swiss Bank Program includes just the banks I have identified.  The Number Resolved should be consistent with DOJ Tax press releases.  DOJ Tax has said that 106 originally joined as Category 2 banks and about 80 will complete the process. 


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  2. One bank's US accounts averaged under$1 million, the other under $275K. I wonder whether the trouble was worth it to the IRS.
    Interestingly, the bank I deal with in Europe (FATCA compliant and I am compliant as well) REQUIRES me to have hold mail. They are afraid of even mailing statements to the US.
    Also all a numbered account accomplishes is it does not allow every bank employee to snoop into the account, only selected people. It does not "hide the identity" of the customer from the bank. I recently read of US banks where tellers used customer information to commit credit card and loan fraud, and there was talk of not making data available on every account to every teller.

  3. So who are these:

    Treaty Requests. 15

    John Doe Summonses. 10

    U.S. / Swiss Bank Initiative Category 3. 12

    U.S. / Swiss Bank Initiative Category 4. 7

  4. Jack, what do you think are the chances of success of the Paul/Bopp lawsuit? Do you think the lawsuit has any legal merit?
    It would probably take years to work its way through the court system. Of course, if Paul wins the election then the lawsuit may no longer be necessary. I think he just guaranteed himself a few million votes from overseas Americans.


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