Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mapping HSBC's Contribution to Worldwide Tax Evasion (4/8/15)

The author of this blog provides a conceptualized map of worldwide tax evasion through information disclosed on HSBC.  SwissLeaks: the map of the globalized tax evasion (MartinGrandJean 2/11/15), here.

This is really cool!  (Sorry to have picked this up so late.)


  1. In other HSBC news, apparently it has been placed under formal charge by French magistrates and surprisingly enough, required to post Eur 1bn in bail (although not sure how bail works for a corporate but an innovative development by the French authorities)

  2. For the Senate Finance Committee’s attention and
    study — common sense suggestions for tax reform to remedy the FATCA
    discrimination of *US-defined US Persons Who Reside Abroad*


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