Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Article Tallying Results on U.S. Prosecution of Offshore Account Enablers (12/23/14)

Bloomberg has this article on prosecution of enablers:  David Voreacos, Offshore Tax Crimes Scorecard: Bankers, Lawyers, Advisers (Bloomberg 12/22/14), here.  The article has specifics on the enablers involved.  The article starts with:
The U.S. Justice Department has a mixed record of success in prosecuting offshore bankers, lawyers and advisers accused of helping U.S. taxpayers cheat on their taxes. 
Since 2008, the U.S. has charged 38 people, including bankers from Switzerland’s three top wealth managers -- UBS Group AG, Credit Suisse Group AG and Julius Baer Group Ltd. 
On Nov. 3, federal jurors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, acquitted Raoul Weil, the former head of wealth management for UBS, who was accused of conspiring to help thousands of U.S. clients use Swiss banking secrecy to evade taxes. Weil was the highest-ranking bank executive charged by the U.S. 
Of the 38, 25 have yet to answer the charges in court, and most live in Switzerland. Seven pleaded guilty, two were convicted at trial, two await trial and two were acquitted, including Weil. Here are the cases:

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