Friday, November 21, 2014

Job Opportunity as Tax Crimes and Related Reporter (11/21/14)

Tax Law Journalist (starts low 80s)

Tax Analysts, a non-profit tax publisher, is looking for a legal reporter interested in writing about criminal tax, FATCA, Circular 230, and tax accounting. This is a great alternative career for JDs who are looking for a more stimulating job that allows you to travel, interact with some of the top professionals in the tax world, and work in a liberating environment. Legal reporters write tax-related news stories by attending scheduled meetings, press conferences, and events. Conducts interviews, research, and fact-checking.

Cultivates sources and follows leads to scoop industry competitors. Develops a particular area of technical tax expertise to identify trends and spot the news.

We offer a competitive compensation package with a wide range of benefits. Check out the full job ad here and apply directly online:

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