Friday, March 21, 2014

IRS 2013 Data Book with Many Statistics, Including for Criminal Tax Enforcement (3/21/14)

The IRS has released its 2103 Data Book, here.

The statistics for criminal tax administration and enforcement may be downloaded in Excel format by clicking the link:
Table 18: Criminal Investigation Program, by Status or Disposition, here.
I generated a pdf from  the Excel table.  The pdf may be viewed and downloaded here.

There are 32 tables (31 plus Table A) covering a range of subjects at least tangentially related to criminal tax administration and enforcement.

The web page for IRS Criminal Investigation Statistical Data is here, which provides further links to:

  • Current Fiscal Year Statistics
  • Three Previous Fiscal Years Statistics
  • IRS Data Book, Table 18, Criminal Investigation Program, by Status or Disposition
  • CI Enforcement Statistics - Tax and Non-Tax (Ten Years - Fiscal Year 2004 through Fiscal Year 2013)
  • Criminal Investigation Statistics by Program and Emphasis Areas of Fraud
I have not had time to review the statistics in Table 18 of the Data Book.  I may post something later, either as an Addendum to this blog entry or a new blog entry.

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