Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pistorius' Brother and Lawyer Allegedly Removed Documents from the Crime Scene Related to Offshore Bank Accounts (2/20/13)

While not the U.S.-centric news with which this blog normally deals, the New York Times included the following in an article on the Pistorius saga:
Mr. Pistorius’s lawyer and brother were accused of removing documents relating to offshore bank accounts from a safe in the house, according to the prosecution testimony
Lydia Polgreen and Alan Cowel, Police Say Testosterone Found at Home of Pistorius (NYT 2/20/13), here.

I have not traced down whether offshore bank accounts can be used for tax evasion in South Africa, but the perceived need to remove the documents from a crime scene might suggest that.  In addition, on the news this morning, it was reported that, when the police arrived, the brother and the lawyer were already on the scene.  Interesting.

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  1. I remember reading that it is against the law for South Africans to have foreign bank accounts or even a foreign passport.


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