Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Nontax Voluntary Disclosures Don't Work (7/18/12)

Jonathan Turley reports this morning of an instance where a disclosure, apparently voluntary, did not avoid prosecution.  Arizona Man Interviews For Border Patrol and Proceeds To Confess To Child Molestation, Bestiality, and Drug Use (Jonathan Turley Blog 7/18/12), here.

We can be thankful that, in our tax universe, we have a voluntary disclosure practice that will work.


  1. I guess the major difference is the victim of the crime.

    The tax crime after VD has no victim at all. In fact, I believe the government would love VD tax crime --- like OVDI. This is a profitable business while no victim involved except taxpayers themselves.

  2. From 2003-2010, IJ, an offshore tax cheat, has been evading tax of $250/year while paying $10,000 tax/year. He went to voluntary disclosure his crime, and was fined over $13,000 for the crime of cheating $2000. I don't see any victim here other than IJ's own little kids and himself.

    Jack, that is the reason in our our tax universe -- we are better off than those who committed "Child Molestation, Bestiality, and Drug Use".

  3. ij,

    $13k is a mandatory fine. You have the choice to opt out and ask for mitigation.
    But if you choose not to that route, should the IRS be blamed.

  4. anon, thanks! opting-out is in my consideration. i was just giving my thoughts on what Jack's view on tax universe -- we would not have to face jail time if we VD.


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