Saturday, June 16, 2012

Swiss Bankers Are Worried Re Their U.S. Activity (6/16/12)

Swiss bankers are sufficiently worried about other countries' tax evasion probes, particularly the U.S.,  Bonnie Kavoussi, Swiss Bankers Are Afraid To Leave Switzerland (Huffington Post 6/15/12), here.  Some excerpts:
For many Swiss bankers, taking vacation out of the country is just too risky. 
As the U.S. cracks down on Swiss bank accounts and U.S. tax dodgers, even mid-level Swiss bankers fear arrest and extradition on charges of aiding tax evaders, Reuters reports. 
One Swiss banker was reportedly so worried about crossing the border to buy groceries in France that he called an advice hotline, Reuters reports.
The immediate fear, I suspect, is that there might be sealed indictments (or their equivalent) that would permit their arrest upon entry into the offended country (particularly the U.S.).

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