Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Member Enabler Charge Dismissed re Offshore Accounts (5/24/12)

The USAO SDNY dismissed charges against Samuel Phineas Upham.  David Voreaco, U.S. Drops Case of Man Accused of Helping Mom Hide Money (BloombergBusinessweek 5/23/12), here.  The charge was that he had assisted his mother, Sybil Nancy Upham, in hiding offshore accounts.  I have previously blogged on the son's charges, Another UBS Related Defendant is Charged for Offshore Accounts (12/9/10), here.

Not much to say, at least for now, except that it is refreshing to see prosecutors, while not admitting that they made a mistake, are willing to update their conclusions based on new information rather than stick to the conclusions.  Good Bayesian approach.

The mother pled guilty in November 2010.  I don't have information on her sentencing.  If someone has that information, I would appreciate them emailing me the information or a link to the information.

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  1. So what is the real scoop behind this dismissal?


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