Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Off Topic - A Man Who Was Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (12/20/11)

Since I started this blog, I have had a link in the miscellaneous section on the right to "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass," an annual San Francisco happening sponsored by Warren Hellman -- a force.  I had never heard of Warren Hellman, the sponsor of the event, until the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass annual event crept into my consciousness. Hellman died Sunday.  I thought I would offer links to some of the articles on his life:

Don Clark and Stephen Miller, An Eye for Investments and an Ear for Bluegrass (WSJ 12/20/11), here.

Peter Lattman, Warren Hellman, 77, Investor Who Loved Bluegrass, Dies (NYT 12/19/11), here

Lee Romney, Warren Hellman obituary: San Francisco financier, bluegrass fan (LAT 12/20/11), here

Adam Lashinsky, Sr., Remembering Warren Hellman (CNNMoney 10/19/11), here.

David R. Baker, Warren Hellman, financier and philanthropist, dies at 77 (SFGaste 10/19/11), here.

From one of the articles:

In Warren Hellman we are reminded that those of outsized achievements can be mensches as well.

In addition to the link on the bottom right to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass web site, here is the link to the Facebook page.


  1. Thanks for that Jack. This sent me to youtube this morning, and over coffee, I had some more introductions to a man whose coming and going I was unaware of before you posted this appreciation. Good use of LCUs.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I'm so Sorry to see that Warren Hellman has died. He and I both swam at the Univ California Berkeley (though decades apart) and he was instrumental in establishing the acquatics endowment. He was tremendously generous with his time and fortune and will be sorely missed.



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