Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rumors that Downing May Leave DOJ Tax for More Gainful Employment

Kevin Downing who made such headlines in the KPMG tax shelter criminal case and in the offshore account initiative may be leaving DOJ Tax for more gainful employment. See this WSJ Article - Evan Perez, Prosecutor in UBS Case May Depart (6/24/10)


  1. But who can hire him. Surely he is conflicted up the wazoo due to his extensive DOJ case involvement? If I were DOJ or IRS on the other side of a controversy, I would immediately move to have him and his firm recused. What Federal judge is going to deny this motion? Interesting little paradox, sort of mini Shakespearean tragedy even! The private clients who might otherwise want to hire him, would be at a disadvantage by doing so. So if the powers that be want him out of DOJ, the powers that would otherwise want him, may feel compelled to reject him. Any other views?

  2. Is "conflicted up the wazoo" related to prostate or colon? Either way, most male lawyers suffer one or both.


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