Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TIGTA Reports on IRS Criminal Tax Administration - Effects of Pipeline Inventory

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration ("TIGTA") recently issued a report titled: Criminal Investigation Division Resources Devoted to Supporting Recommended Prosecutions Can Be Enhanced With a Stronger Strategic Focus (TIGTA Reference Number: 2010-30-036). The report discusses issues with respect to administration of CI resources for assistance prosecution pipeline cases inventory(cases after referral to DOJ Tax) in relation to its ordinary cirminal tax investigation case load (pre-referrral).

Since on the subject of TIGTA reports, TIGTA does annually produce a report with a statistical "portrayal) of CI acvitity over a multi-year period. The most recent report is titled Statistical Portrayal of the Criminal Investigation Division’s Enforcement Activities for Fiscal Years 2000 Through 2008 (TIGTA Reference Number 2009-30-053).  This report has a number of charts and graphs with useful information and analyses, particularly trends because of the multi-year information.  Among the items discussed is the effects of the increase in pipeline inventory which is the subject of the most recent TIGTA report noted above.  This annual report is dated March 26, 2009, so a new one with fye 2009 data should be forthcoming shortly.

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