Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Collateral Consequences of Conviction (or Even Investigation or Acquittal)

Criminal tax lawyers know that, after their job is done, whether successful or not, the IRS usually comes after the defendant / taxpayer to collect taxes. Usually, the IRS waits -- perhaps not patiently -- while the criminal proceeding plays out. But once the criminal case is over, the IRS gets in gear.

That's precisely what happened to the Girls Gone Wild guy, Joe Francis. The IRS filed a lien for $33,8190,087.14 for three years of unpaid taxes. For more on this, see the Tax Prof Blog entry on 'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis Sues IRS for Retaliatory Tax Lien.  (By the way, the Tax Prof Blog entry does have a link to the Girls Gone Wild web site.)
For tax procedure enthusiasts, the Tax Prof Blog links to a good discussion of the IRS's use of the tax lien at The Tax Lawyer Blog entry for Joe Francis Sues IRS For Wrongful Collection Action – UPDATED.

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