Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recent Related Scholarship

I picked up the following articles from a new blog called JOTTWELL that readers may finding interesting. JOTTWELL contains a summary of the article by the contributing expert / professor in the area. JOTTWELL's goal, announced in its "Welcome" page here is to provide short reviews by experts of recent high quality legal scholarship. I will from time to time provide links to materials that might be interesting to the practitioner or student of tax crimes.

The tax law editors making the reviews are listed here.

The criminal law editors are listed here.

I mention two publications, one from each area of discipline:

Gregory J. O'Meara, The Name is the Same, But the Facts Have been Changed to Protect the Attorneys: Strickland, Judicial Discretion, and Appellate Decision-Making, 42 Val. U.L. Rev. 687 (2008) - JOTTWELL review here.

Craig M. Boise & Andrew Morriss, Change, Dependency, and Regime Plasticity in Offshore Financial Intermediation: The Saga of the Netherlands Antilles (Univ. Ill. Law & Econ. Research Paper No. LE08-020) - JOTTWELL review here.

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