Friday, September 18, 2009

Scalia on My Cousin Vinny

I head off in about an hour to San Francisco for baby sitting chores for the weekend. Since I have been crunched lately with the voluntary disclosure initiative expiring 9/23 (which, by the way, is my birthday), I have been silent for a while, but today I offer something on the lighter side. I cover civil and criminal tax litigation in my classes at UH Law and recommend to my students. If nothing else, it is great entertainment, but it also, even though exaggerated has has some good things about litigation.

In this morning's ABA Journal here, I picked up the following:
During his Chevy Chase, Md., appearance, [Justice] Scalia also offered some personal information about himself, revealing that his favorite legal movie is My Cousin Vinny * * *.

And, the justice added, the character played in the movie by actress Marisa Tomei is "a killer."

The politico article from which this came is here.

And the ABA Journal here has another article referencing My Cousin Vinny. A good reade.

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