Monday, July 6, 2009

Houston Business & Tax Journal Symposium on Tax Evasion and White Collar Crime (7/6/09)

Houston Business and Tax Journal
Volume 9 Part 2

The University of Houston Business and Tax Law Journal has published papers from a symposium on Tax Evasion as White Collar Crime. All of the papers are availble through the link above. The specific papers may be linked below:

Geraldine Szott Moohr, Introduction: Tax Evasion as White Collar Crime, 9 HOUS. BUS. & TAX L.J. 208 (2009) - available here. Professor Moohr offers a good introduction to the series. Readers might use her article as a good introduction to the other articles in order to determine where to focus their reading. Professor Moohr's bio is here.

Stuart P. Green, What Is Wrong with Tax Evasion? 9 HOUS. BUS. & TAX L.J. 221 (2009) - available here. Professor Green's Bio is here. Professor Green is the author of a prominent book on White Collar Crime -- STUART P. GREEN, LYING, CHEATING AND STEALING: A MORAL THEORY OF WHITE COLLAR CRIME (2007) (see here). Professor Green treats tax evasion in his book and again in the article.

Robert E. Davis & Danny S. Ashby, Federal Criminal Tax Enforcement in 2009: The Role of Criminal Tax Enforcement in the Federal “Voluntary” Self-Assessment and Payment Tax System, 9 HOUS. BUS. & TAX L.J. 237 (2009) - available here. Bob Davis' and Danny Ashby's bios are here and here.

John A. Townsend, Tax Obstruction Crimes: Is Making the IRS’s Job Harder Enough?, 9 HOUS. BUS. & TAX L.J. 260 (2009) Article available here; Appendix to article available here. Jack's bio is here.

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